IBDIPC Organized a Series of Trainings in “Geographic Indications and E-commerce/Online Trade”

International Business Development and Investment Promotion Center (IBDIPC) is implementing the international project “Black Sea Geographical Indication Network” (BS GIN – BSB 1191). The project partners – Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) (Turkey) and the organization TEHNOPOL (Romania). The project is implemented within the framework of the EU ENI Black Sea Basin Cooperation Program.

One of the most important activities of the project is organization of trainings on issues of  “Geographic Indications and E-commerce/Online Trade”

The trainings were held in Batumi, during the March-April period and about 75 people took part and in Chokhatuari (Guria region) in April, where up to 25 persons attended. The audience of the training participants consisted of representatives of various fields – producers of products (wine, honey, tea, dried fruit, churchkhela, cheese, etc.) and handicrafts, representatives of the public sector and non-governmental sector. Members of the Adjara Tourism Industry Federation, beneficiaries of the Adjara Agroservice Center were also among the participants of the training for whom it was very useful and beneficial.

The aim of the training was to review the main concept and significance of Geographical  Indication products,  the current situation in Georgia, and to make familiar with the practical aspects of e-commerce / online trade and digital marketing. In the modern world, E-commerce is developing at a fairly rapid pace and is one of the most important and effective channels for the sale of products and services. This is especially important for small entrepreneurs who do not have a big marketing budget and access to distribution channels. Knowledge of the specifics of online commerce, digital marketing will help them to be actively involved in e-commerce and within a small budget to be able to promote their products / services and sales on various online platforms.

The trainings were conducted by invited trainers who have  several years of experience in the relevant field – a) Ana Dalakishvili – Head of Sakpatenti Training Center. B) Levan Molashvili – Founder of Amazon Export Hub in Georgia, President of the Georgian Electronic Commerce Association, with many years of experience in online commerce training

Contact information – Tel: 599-482181, E-mail: ibdipc@gmail.com

Web: http://www.ibdipc.org

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