Projects  implemented by IBDIPC :

  •  “SUNRISE – Sustainable Use of Natural Resources – Integrated Services Establishment” (2019 – Present, Donor – Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2014-2020) – The project includes partners from 4 countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Moldova). It provides a series of activities, the realization of which will increase the business and entrepreneurial capacity of the tourism sector, increase their capabilities and provide new development alternatives. The planned activities have cross-border dimension, involve a broad exchange of experience, ideas and good practices, and create opportunities for new cross-border contacts and cooperation in business and tourism.
    The project will develop a business and entrepreneurship strategy for new opportunities in tourism, which will take into account the dynamics and trends in the development of tourism and will benefit business and entrepreneurship in deciding the direction of their development.
    Transnational forums (one in each of the four countries) will be held presenting topical topics related to tourism and new opportunities for business and entrepreneurship for development in the context of local and transnational tourism will be discussed. Local festivals (one in each of the 4 countries, including 1 international with participants from each of the four countries) will be held, with demonstrations of authentic local traditions, folklore, culture and crafts. Each partner will develop 1 new integrated tourism product for its region, consistent with the current demand for tourist services. A cross-border tourism product will also be developed to present the natural richness and cultural diversity of partner regions. The creation of new integrated tourism products and the increase of cultural events aim to promote the target regions of the Black Sea basin as an attractive tourist destination.


  •  “Facilitation of Regional Professional Education in Agriculture and Rural development in EaP countries” (February – October, 2018) – EaP CSF RE-GRANTING 2018, Contract number – SEC004/2018/WG2/01).  Project Partners – Ukraine (Lead), Georgia, Moldova.
    Project Outcomes – Assessment of existing situation in regional professional education sphere in Georgia which included following components: a) Survey of stakeholders (public sector, education centers, business companies etc.) to get in depth overview of current job market demands on skills, state of education programs offered, state programs etc.) and survey of employees/ graduates in agriculture/rural sector to get feedback how effective is some professional trainings that they had, what new skills are necessary for them to improve the competency and be up-to-date to market demands etc.; b) Situation Analyses– based on the survey results as well as overview of relevant information, was prepared the situation analyses of professional education in Agriculture/rural sector on regional levels; c) Policy Brief and Recommendations – based on survey results, situation analyses/assessments and discussions with stakeholders was prepared policy briefs and recommendation set, which focuses on region specific issues of professional education in Agriculture/rural sector.


  • «DCFTA’s: Opportunities and challenges for SME in EaP’s EU accession countries» (1 June – 30 November, 2016; EaP CSF RE-GRANTING 2018, Contract number – SEC003/2015/WG2/01-A).  Project Partners – Ukraine (Lead), Georgia, Moldova.    Project outcomes –   a) Conducted research and opinion polls in each country to identify favorable and unfavorable factors for SMEs after signing DCFTAs;  b) stakeholder meetings for discussion major research issues; c) analytical report “ Opportunities and Challenges of DCFTA for SMEs in Agricultural and Rural Areas  ” d) developed joint recommendations on SMEs policy and export promotion for small and medium businesses from agriculture and rural areas in EaP countries


  • Organizing workshops series at BIAFF Film Festival 2013-2019(on annual basis) – providing annual training series to enhance the professional skills of film industry representatives (Supporters – Georgian Film Center,  Ministry of Culture of Georgia, British Councils)


  • “Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism – Strategies for joint Tourism Marketing and Development in the Black Sea Region – BS NST” (2014-2015, Donor – Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”, Reference number:, MIS-ETC 2605). The Cross-border regional project involving five countries – Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey IBDIPC was a project partner.

Project’s Major objectives – Improvement of the regional capacities for planning, coordination and implementation of joint strategy; Building of an effective network infrastructure for promotion and implementation of market orientated tourist products; Improvement of the knowledge/skills and developing the tourism products in partner regions to current needs of international markets; Creation of a cooperative environment for building up a common agenda for sustainable tourism development in the Black Sea Basin respecting regional specificities;

The project main outputs –   During project implementation 32 training courses were held during which 600 entrepreneurs and 40 local governments were trained; 16 workshops and 8 internal roundtables held with tourism stakeholders; 20 study visits arranged and 6 Tourism Fairs (Moldova/Bulgaria/Georgia/Turkey) attended to promote each region’s tourism potential. The project has developed 4 joint strategies for cross-border tourism cooperation, conducted 1 feasibility study, 6 marketing researches (with focus on wine Tourism and Eco-tourism), created one IT platform for increased capacity –


  • “Development of Outdoor Adventure Tourism Network in Black Sea Region -DOOA” (MIS ETC 2339, 2014-2015) – Donor –  EU Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”. The Cross-border regional project involving five countries – Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey;

Major outputs of project –  Regional Assessment Study including Quality Assessment of existing outdoor tourism activities; Joint Strategy for Outdoor Adventure Tourism Activities’ Development and Promotion; Tourism Fair in Constanta, Outdoor Adventure Sports Tournaments settled up in Constanta Romania and Kastamonu (Turkey); Study visits/Workshops with participation of project partners in Romania/ Georgia/ Turkey; Media training for all project`s partners; Web-site of project created –; A Network Agreement for Outdoor and Adventure Tourism.


  •  Youth Development Trainings in partnership  with CTC (Centre of Trainings and Consultancy – Tbilisi), 2010 –  Trainings for youth in Job finding, CV writing and  interviewing, communications, basics of entrepreneurship.    Sub-contract of CTC under   EU financed project
  • Horse-back Riding tour package for Mtirala National Park (2008)  – Under the project was done consulting to develop the horse-back riding tour package at park with necessary marketing action steps. Sub-contract  under WWF  (World Wildlife Foundation) financed project
  • “Facilitation of Establishment of Tourism Association in Adjara” –   2008 (supported by GTZ) – Preliminary survey, meetings with tourism stakeholders to identify the needs and demand of creating association:  Facilitation workshops & meetings with private sector, analyses of similar associations in Eastern and Western Europe and based on it developed the draft charter.  Project resulted in successful establishment of Adjara Tourism Association (



  • “Tourism Promotion and Marketing for CHF communities in Adjara”  – April-August, 2008;  During the project realization was achieved the following:

–       Consulting/working meetings – was arranged the several meetings on-site the aim of which was to provide some consultations on Guesthouse improvement, tourist service skills, additional services that can be offered to tourists etc. There was developed  – The tourists questionnaires (Georgian and English), welcome letters which guesthouse owners will use

–       Integration of communities in ATA (Adjara Tourism Association)  –

–       Tourism Brochures – There was prepared tourism brochures for each community (Nigazeuli and Gobroneti) in three languages (English, Russian, Georgian) – 5000 brochure for each. In brochure was used the photos taken during the photo sessions.

–       Photo contest  – There was organized the photo contest in both communities which was done in partnership with (most popular web-site for photographers and all interested in photography).  15 photographers (4 from Batumi, 11 from Tbilisi and 1 from Turkey)  spent 3 days in Gobroneti and Nigazeuli communities and each of them  provided only 15 photos for competition. The jury selected   top  40 photos (according to nominations mentioned above).   The photos were published and it will be kept at IBDIPC office and can be used in future too to arrange several exhibitions.


  •  “Youth Involvement in Tourism sector project in Adjara AR” – 2007  –  Project is under World Bank small grant program financed by EURASIA.  The project goals and activities:

– Training of locals in rural/mountainous region in Shuakhevi region – 25 persons. The training program is focusing on the following issues – Eco/Agritoursm, Marketing of tourism services, guesthouse management, Business Planning, Budget planning, Tour and Excursion planning.

– Several newspaper insert in local newspaper BATUMELEBI about tourism development related issues.


  • Feasibility study trip for 2 famous US tourism experts in Georgia – September, 2007 (supported by US state department)

IBDIPC arranged the trip Mr. Thomas Tait (former minister of Tourism of Nevada state) and Mr. bob Miller (former governor of Nevada state). The experts made familiar with major tourism sites  (Adjara, Tbilisi, Western Georgia), arranged two workshops for tourism stakeholders, there were meetings with government and private sector. At the end of trip was prepared preliminary study for Georgian tourism industry assessment and recommendations for further steps. IBDIPC keeps contacts with Mr. Thomas Tait on later stage based on negotiations with local government these experts can be involved in preparation and assistance in more detailed tourism development / tourism promotion strategy formulation and implementation.

  • “Tourism Vocational Education support project” – 2007 , Supported by Netherland embassy

Project supported by Netherlands Embassy under MATRA program. The project objectives and outcomes:

–       Purchasing of modern literature in English – Books and DVD (AHLA) training materials

–       Preparation of handouts in Georgian in – hotel Front office, hotel marketing, restaurant services;

–       Several newspaper insert in local newspaper BATUMELEBI tourism education related issues

–       Updating, revision of existing syllabuses and adding new ones

–       Developing the web-site for tourism vocation school –


  • “ Tourism Development Facilitation in Adjara” –  Supported by USAID/IESC, 2007;   The Projects main goal wsa to facilitate the development of Community-based Ecotourism and Agritourism in selected regions of rural areas of Adjara AR which, in its turn, will contribute to poverty alleviation, economic development, job creation and improved living conditions of population and also to create the tourist internet portal for Adjara (Batumi/Kobuleti etc.) with all necessary info for tourists.

The project outcomes:
–       Analyses of existing tourism resources/potential and situation based on which was prepared the report of Ecotourism/Agritourism development for selected areas in Adjara AR.
–       Trainings:
a) Training of Eco Tour-guides – two groups in rural areas of Gobroneti (Keda) community and Machakheal community. It was trained 45 persons.
b) Hotel and Restaurants operations – Three groups from local hotels and Restaurants (Batumi, Kobuleti) as well as young people (selected from target audience). 30 persons trained in hotel administration and 12 persons in Restaurants Service.
–  Workshop/Roundtables – During the project implementation was arranged workshops the tourism development related issues in Batumi and Keda.
–  VISIT-ADJARA ( – web-portal was developed with necessary information for tourists (hotels, private accommodations, restaurants/bars, etc.).

  • “Establishment of network of Open schools in Adjara”   –   2006, (Supported  from European Council for project in which IBDIPC was co-partner) – IBDIPC provided the training course in Budget planning and financial monitoring. The goal of training was to give the participants understanding and skills to create school budget, do the financial monitoring etc. There was prepared handout materials which are used during the next stages of the project.Also, there was done consulting/monitoring of local schools and Ministry of education budget.
  • Vocatıonal Traınıngs ın Tourısm Sphere  – 2006-2007,  Supported by GTZ   – IBDIPC ıs one of the co-partner of tourısm vocatoınal traınıng courses developed together wıth ICTSE and by support of GTZ. The project aims to provide vocational courses in hospitality industry There is a significant problem in Batumi (as well as in Adjara AR and other regions of Georgia) with qualified personal in the field of service sector and hotel administration. The tourism sector is developing step-by-step in Adjara and there is demand on high-qualified personnel in this sector without which it will be difficult to develop the hospitality industry as human capital is one of the important factor for this sector.

Certificate courses offered:

  • Hotel Administration and Management
  • Restaurant Service and Management,
  • Tour Firm Management

During the first stage there were prepared 70 students, who did the internships at different five star hotels in Antalya and at Conrad Hilton Istanbul (Turkey).  Our partner is also Aksoy Group the president of which is the owner of Conrad Hilton Istanbul and assisting us in arranging of internships in Turkey. In study process there were involved both local teachers/trainers (who have work experience in this field, internships abroad etc.) and invited trainers from Tbilisi as well as German expert did seminars on last stage of study. By assistance of CESO (Canadian Executive Service Organization) expert It was developed Ecotourism guides training program which will be introduced in near future.

  • Adjara Business Guide  –   2005 – prepared for one German expert,  Ms. Anja Bronny, which was published in her book – Wirtschaftshandbuch Georgien  – Investitionsführer, 2005” (


  • Study of Processing SME Sector in Adjara AR  2005;  prepared for GTZ (German Prepared for GTZ (German Technical Cooperation). The study’s aim was to analyze the potential for processing the food and agricultural products in Adjara AR and identify the demand on equipment and technological lines by Processing SMEs in the region.  The findings of Research were presented on Conference held Batumi about the issues of Agriculture processing sector development supported by GTZ.


  • Arranging the visit of two US companies in Adjara (2005):

–   “OMNI Strategy”  – US consulting company which has excellent experience in tourism development strategy. They were suggesting the development and implementation of tourism development strategy for Adjara AR.

– “GIA – Global Investment Advisors” –   Investment Advisory company which is providing assistance to get the credit  ratings  (S&P, Fitches, Moody’s) for regions, cities and big companies. We arranged meeting with a minister of Economics and Finance of Adjara and Batumi Sea Port.

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