Black Sea NGO platform Working Group “Education and Culture” finalized the Capacity Development Project Implementation

Black Sea NGO platform Working Group “Education & Culture” finalized the Capacity Development Project Implementation

Black Sea NGO platform’s  Working Group “Education & Culture” recently finalized the project   “Development of WG Culture & Education via Creating Digital Tools/skills capacity and Strategic Plan”.  It was supported by Black Sea NGO Forum’s sub-grant scheme (financial support by EU). The project was developed and implemented by coordinators of WG – Zviad Eliziani (NGO “IBDIPC – International Business Development and Investment Promotion Center”) and Tamar Janashia (NGO “Culture and Management Lab”).

The project aimed to enhance WG “Culture and Education’s” structure, facilitate its work process and make it more efficient. The project fits well also with Black Sea NGO Forum’s management future plans – to transform WGs in regional networks.

Project coordinators analyzed the existing situation and challenges faced by WG. The major problems identified was – low involvement of members, lack of structure and long term strategy for the working group, Unclear / Vague Rules of membership creating barriers for WG’s further expansion, Lack /unclear benefits for being members of the WG and Low visibility of WG etc.   

To achieve the major goal and address the existing challenges, following major activities were performed:

  • Webinars and workshops – held by invited experts in the following topics:
    • 3 webinars on digital communication tools and 1 workshop on digital communication strategy
    • 2 workshops on strategic framework and planning
  • Two-day networking event held in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Strategic Action Plan and Framework for Development of the WG “Education and Culture” created
  • Membership structure and membership rules elaborated
  • Communication Plan / Package of E-tools, well developed and functional / Active communication channels for WG “Education and Culture” created

All these action steps contributed to achievement of major objectives of the project:

  • To strengthen the WG “Culture and Education” through newly elaborated strategic action plan and membership structure that will ensure consolidation of WG and transform it in well-functioning coalition of CSO network
  • To equip the WG members with necessary digital communication skills / knowledge that will facilitate and foster cooperation within the group members throughout the year.
  • Facilitation of cooperation between WG members through networking events (off-line/online) and developing joint project ideas.

At the end of the project during 28-29 May it was held final NETOWRKING EVENT of Working Group “Education & Culture” in Tbilisi (Georgia).  This was Hybrid event (due to pandemics was not able to invite members from partner countries) – Georgian participants gathered in physical space and international participants joined via ZOOM platform.   At the networking event it was discussed all major issues related to further development of WG  – draft version of WG’s strategic Action plan, Management  & Membership structure,  Communication plan, Future action plans etc. It was agreed the necessary changes in WG membership structure in order to make it more flexible and allow more organizations to join it which can facilitate its expansion and involving more active members.

Final event was also good opportunity to share the information with other CSOs involved in culture & Education (some non-members also were invited) who can become members in future.

WG coordinators will continue work together with members to implement key action steps agreed under the strategic plan and to expand circle of CSOs involved in WG. By the end of 2021 finally modified structure with action plan will be presented on annual BS NGO Forum as well as new members will be invited to join.

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