IBDIPC attended EMITT Tourism Expo in Istanbul with “Let’s Cycle at Black Sea” (BSB 998) project partners

During 9-12 February (2022), IBDIPC chairman attended EMITT Tourism Expo in Istanbul. The visit was arranged within the framework of project “Let’s Cycle at Black Sea” (with support of EU Black Sea CBC program).  At expo it was organized the project stand where all project partners presented the tourism potential of each country and information/promo materials describing the project major activities.

Attending EMITT expo was very important and beneficial in several ways:

  • It was good opportunity to make familiar with ongoing trends in tourism industry, expectation for post-COVID19 period etc.
  • Networking with various tourism stakeholders (tour business, associations, organizations etc.) which can be used in future for developing joint projects, connecting local (Georgian) tourism companies / associations etc.

Also, since at EMITT tourism expo there where presented all major tourism stakeholders we had good opportunity – a) to present the information about our project, its activities and online/web platform which will be developed under the project – the info was shared with EXPO visitors, various interested parties, tourism companies who visited our stand;  b) To spread the project Promo materials/brochures to other participants of EXPO

At EXPO was arranged several meetings/talks with Expo participants:

  • Artvin Municipality – Discussion about the potential cooperation in tourism sphere (exchange of tourism groups), possible joint cultural events – Turkish film days in Batumi (Georgia) and Georgian films in Artvin (Turkey)
  • Tourism Companies from Artvin, Trabzon regions working on eco / cultural tours, interested in developing contacts, cooperation with Georgian partners. It was planned the next meeting and introduction to local tourism business in Batumi (During Batumi Tourism EXPO in May, 2022)
  • TURSAB Association – it was discussed the potential cooperation with local (Georgian) tourism associations in the sphere of – trainings, Service  quality standards, joint tour products and exchange of tourism groups.
  • Several  companies offering IT solutions for Tourism Sector  – currently the online marketing, digital platforms are becoming crucial for success in tourism business. The IT and digital Marketing solutions offered for tourism and hospitality industry, can be very useful and helpful for Georgian tourism businesses.

Experince and contacts obtained at EMITT expo viist will be shared with local tourims stakeholders in Georgia, that can help them to develop cooepration with potential partenrs in Black Sea regoin.

Contact – ibdipc@gmail.com ; 599-482181

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