IBDIPC Started Implmentation of “Black Sea Basin Geographical Indications Project”

International Business Development and Investment Promotion Center (IBDIPC) started the project “Black Sea Geographical Indications Network Project (BS GIN)” with partnership of Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) from Turkey and Tehnopol Galati from Romania. The project is supported by EU’s ENI Black Sea Basin Cooperation Programme, 2014-2020 period, 2nd Call of Proposals, the project BS GIN (BSB 1191)is to be implemented for 24 months between 03.08.2020-02.08.2022

Project’s overall objective is to help economic development in the Black Sea Basin by triggering the added value products especially from the rural areas and agricultural sectors of the project partners by using potential of products with GIs.

The project’s major focus – to increase institutional capacities and knowledge level of local stakeholders, which would help them to have a higher share from global market of geographically, indicated products, which is estimated to be around 200 billion dollars. In addition to capacity building efforts, the project will also foresees a series of strategic awareness raising campaigns and promotional activities such as implementing a targeted social media campaigns and promoting geographically indicated products via promotional trucks around major cities of project partners.

Between 2020-2022, withing the framework of the project it is planned to implemented the  project will be focused on the following areas:

  • Developing institutional capacities by training a total of 125 stakeholders in Georgia on topics  such as national and international practices regarding geographically indicated products, protection and control mechanisms, branding, product production and supply chains, cooperation and clustering, and consumer awareness;
  • Conducting promotional campaigns that will last for 18 months and target at least 2 million interactions (Georgia, Turkey, Romania) on themes such as the potential of geographically marked products to be transferred to future generations and potential of geographically indicated products as sustainable economic assets,
  • Organizing two international study visits for project partners’ stakeholders to the EU member states which are leaders in geographically indicated products markets,
  • Black Sea Geographical Indications Summits for 600 stakeholders in three partner countries to spread the best transfers and global trends.

At the end of the project implementation period, via increasing knowledge, capacities and networking of its local stakeholders, Black Sea Geographical Indications Network project aims at establishing a collaboration Network of producers, SMEs, institutions, traders etc. to use and benefit from GI schemes and promote their locally unique  and peculiar Black Sea products under GI schemes.

Contact – ibdipc@gmail.com, 599-482181

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